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Hi I have been trying to write this for a while , when I say ‘while’ I mean I literally re-write the world ‘hi’ 7-8 times, This is definitely overwhelming.

I am not a pro writer my blogs most probably will have ALOT of grammatical and vocabulary error for which I am sorry , I will try my best to fix my errors but please be less judgmental and give me a chance . I am going to write informally , I don’t know if Its the right style but Its better then overthinking and not writing anything at all.

“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”

― Erin Hanson

Today’s topic revolves around this quote , quiet inspiring right? what if there is no freedom ‘on the breeze of the sky’, what if you just fall?

All the fairy tales read to me ended on ‘ happily ever after’ I thought that’s how life ends too. bad things happen, you fall but the end is always ‘happily ever after’ until I saw so many lives ending on ‘sad forever’ that’s not negative outlook on life that is reality, just cause you close your eyes and imagine rainbows and unicorns, the storms and darkness of life wont disappear until you know how to fight it.

In all the Disney (no hate to disney, its amazing) movies all the main character had to do before taking a risk was ‘believing’ , 99% of the time they got a positive outcome where as in real life when you take a risk, you take a huge leap of faith there is only a 50% chance it will work out the way you want it to be.

Hope is the light of life , its the ‘life’ in life, i wish we were like ‘wile e coyoteHope’ xD (with a will like that you can do the impossible) but we are humans and its perfectly fine to lose hope , to be lost , just a cycle of life.

A person believes in himself , trusts himself and takes the risk/ chance in life, instead of flying he falls, unlike all those movies just him believing in himself doesn’t saves him. he will be crushed, all he learned was about the fly, no one lost. that’s when ” It’s ok to not be ok” doesn’t works.

At that point in life a  person just blames himself, the words are not going to ‘find’ him. his believe, his hope everything fades away. a person might drag his life but he will never live after that.

My opinion is that movies and stories told to children should be life lessons rather than life fantasies. Should help them look in the eyes of storms that come their way. its ok if you mess up, if you fall, if you don’t succeed. its completely normal humans are not perfect we have flaws, our life can have flaws too. Not saying what they did was right but cinderalla’s step sister gave their all to be princesses  or get the prince but couldn’t succeed (i know the lesson was evil doesn’t win but aren’t we all evil in someone’s story? we all do something wrong intentionally or unintentionally) sometimes you give your all but someone else who put less effort succeeds. life is unfair , doesn’t means its not beautiful or unworthy of living the ups and downs of life are  It’s beauty same goes for us.

So we will also know what to do if we ‘fall’ , chances and risks are excitement of life . you can’t live life fully without taking them but we shouldn’t be way too optimistic and believe we will get a positive out come. Be realistic but live life just don’t pass it by!

The end. (I am trying , please don’t start saying ‘its not that deep’ ‘ this is so irrelevant’ its more annoying then me talking lol thank you.)

Also here is small story/writing i wrote a while back thought I would share:

‘Look down or you will fall’ heard those voices a lot but never listened to them. I was the wind soaring through the sky, my limits were high, never had time to cry , maybe there were stops but I never stopped. I ran looking at the stars, trying to out run the moon, I ran till I can. My ‘can’ never ended even in the burning sun I became my own air to dry my sweat. I was chasing something, something far away but distance was the beauty.

Until I looked down to see if there is anything that I will trip over, I looked down but with every step was my fall. Till I became scared of every step and my journey became a stop. I don’t know how the stars look like now or how far has the moon gone, I don’t remember how the air felt like when it flew between my hairs , my heart craves wind but cages only have silence, an eternal silence of life. I never looked up again.


Wrote it in a rough patch of my life, failure is a hard pill to swallow and success is the most addicting drug. you get attached to it way to quickly, brings joy and happiness but if you don’t get it for a  while you will lose your mind.

I stand by my stance risks should be taken (it depends on your situation too), but precautions must be taken too. there is  a difference between being cautious and being scared!

Goodbye for now. have great day, everyday 🙂

P.S : Follow me on instagram if you want to talk –> shades.mk

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